Our online scheduling program should be used by current and prospective clients whenever possible. Scheduling reduces costs, prevents delays, increases efficiency and effectiveness. The informal dropping-in with the expectation of meeting with Attorney Truesdell is an unrealistic expectation with the white-glove nature and maturity of the practice.  

The Law Firm's support staff cannot provide legal advice.

All incoming calls are answered and logged by the auto-attendant and returned within 24 hours by an assigned support staff member during normal business hours. Caller ID will capture all incoming calls; however, those who hang up without leaving a message will not be called back.

We strongly encourage the use of our online scheduling program; for scheduling telephone calls (consultations) only.

  • The scheduling program is "ONLY" telephone consultations.

  • The scheduling program is not to be used to schedule in person office consults.

  • those who set a scheduled a telephone call and show up at the office should not expect assistance as the law firm makes full use of mobile technology in order to facilitate the needs of those clients with immediate needs.