The following is a list of online material available upon request. Passwords reset periodically. Contact the Law Firm for access. 

New Client Intake Form

This password protected page of the website must be completed prior to the initial consultation.  The process of becoming a client of the Law Firm is well established and refined with many years of specialized experience and limited practice. 

Existing Client Update Form

This password protected PDF  facilitates the explanation of changes to seek your documents and/or an update regarding one or more changes in your condition. There are specific pages for those seeking to change their Agent(s), Representatives(s), and/or Successor Trustees.  There are additional pages for those seeking to change their distribution and gifting provisions. UPDATE IN PROCESS

The Truesdell Florida Estate Planning Workshop

This password protected page contains audio recordings of the Law Firm's estate planning workshop.  These audios and the accompanying materials eliminate the need to attend an in-person estate planning seminar or workshop and are available on an on-demand basis. UPDATE IN PROCESS

Probate & Trust Administration

This password protected page contains materials and information specifically for those who are named as the primary Agent, Representative, and/or Trustee of an estate.  The primary purpose of these items is to facilitate a knowledge baseline in order to proceed in a professional manner with the Law Firm during what is often a difficult, emotional, and upsetting time. UPDATE IN PROCESS

Named Successors: Agent, Representative, Trustee

This password protected page contains information regarding the personal liability, duties, and responsibilities of those named as the Agent in a Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and/or Financial (Durable) Power of Attorney, as the Personal Representative (known in many states as the Executor or Executrix) of the Will (or Pour-Over Will), and Successor Trustee of a Revocable Living Trust or Irrevocable Trust. UPDATE IN PROCESS

Beneficiary Inquiry

This PDF is NOT password protected and is designed for those who suspect they are named as a beneficiary of an estate by way of a Will or Trust.  Note that if you are not named as the primary successor Agent, Representative, or Trustee, then any and all calls received by the Law Firm will be directed to the primary named Agent, Representative, or Trustee. Regardless of how many times you call, the Law Firm will not speak with anyone under any circumstance regarding the physical, emotional, intellectual, relationship or financial status of a client or client's estate.  The attorney–client privilege is one of the oldest recognized privileges for confidential communications and is practiced without exception by the Law Firm. UPDATE IN PROCESS

Medicaid & Asset Protection

This password protected page contains information specifically for those who have scheduled a consultation for Medicaid and/or Asset Protection Planning. UPDATE IN PROCESS

Comprehensive Life Care & Personal Care Supervision and Oversight

This password protected page contains information specifically for those who are seeking the services of the Law Firm for comprehensive life care, and personal care and oversight.  The Truesdell Law Life Care Plan is a dynamic outline following a comprehensive assessment for current and future needs life management needs. The following are events / indicators for professional life care management: UPDATE IN PROCESS

  • Inability to recall physician’s advice and orders
  • Confusion regarding medication administration
  • Continuous and repetitious seeking of support for same issues
  • Forgetting to pay bills, resulting in services being terminated
  • Delinquent or unpaid property taxes or non-filed returns
  • An uncharacteristic surge in charitable donations
  • Inability to eat properly, prepare or obtain food
  • Development of a medical crisis that threatens independence, i.e. broken hip
  • Insurance company’s denial of needed treatments or services
  • Lack of understanding related to medical bills and insurance contributions
  • Identification of service providers not adequately providing necessary services
  • Repeated hospitalizations and failed outpatient treatment plans
  • Inability to manage simple activities of daily living, i.e. grooming or laundry
  • Appearance of “helpful friends” who pry into financial and personal matters
  • Purchases of unnecessary goods or services in response to solicitations

Hiring an attorney is an important decision which should not be based solely on advertising. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your inquiry. Contacting the Law Firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to the Law Firm until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.