Paul Grant Truesdell, J.D., AIF

Chief Executive Officer
TrueStar Advisors, Inc. 

Paul Grant Truesdell, J.D., AIF is the Chief Executive Officer of TrueStar Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor Specialist.  TrueStar was originally conceived by Mr. Truesdell on September 21, 1987, following the Black Monday stock market sell-off. The firm is a highly focused specialist in the acquisition of core investment portfolio management on a true non-discriminatory, flat-fee fiduciary basis. For more information about TrueStar Advisors click here.  Prior to the formation of TrueStar Advisors, Mr. Truesdell spent nearly thirty years in retail, training and management with various Broker/Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors.  Paul  is known for his innovation and commitment to ethical and fiduciary standards. Mr. Truesdell is a member of the International Institute of Forecasters,  the Econometric Society, and the National Society of Compliance Professionals.  Mr. Truesdell's various professional designations are from the American College, IARFC, and the Center for Fiduciary Studies.

Truesdell Consulting, Inc. 

Mr. Truesdell is the sole shareholder of Truesdell Consulting, Inc., a self-funded private venture capital entity seeking fully disclosed and due diligence worthy startup firms with common sense potential.   The firm is limited to to three or fewer ventures per twelve month period with a capitalization preference between $500,000 and $5,000,000. The consulting portion of the practice provides business development, redevelopment and turnaround services to existing small and medium size for-profit business entities. Those seeking a professional, unemotional, blunt and direct assessment may be compatible. Engagements are limited to one  per year. The hourly rate for the firm is $2,000 per hour with a ten hour minimum and a retainer of $25,000.   

Mr. Truesdell is also partnered with his eldest son in a closely held media and full-stack software development firm with an emphasis on iOX and OS X.


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