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The Truesdell Firms

The Professional Path with Common Sense


Located in Ocala's International Commerce Park, the Truesdell Professional Building is home to the Truesdell Firms.

  • Kellean K. Truesdell, P.A. 
    • Attorney & Counselor at Law
  • TrueStar Advisors, Inc. 
    • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Truesdell Consulting, Inc. 
    • Venture Capital & Business Development


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Truesdell Professional Building
200 NW 52nd Avenue
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Kellean K. Truesdell P.A.

Kellean Kai Truesdell, J.D., LL.M. is a practicing Attorney & Counselor at Law whose practice is limited to the areas listed to the right.  Attorney Truesdell is a member of the Florida Bar, the Real Property, Probate and Trust Division and the Elder Law Division. Mrs. Truesdell's Masters Degree in Law (LL.M.) is from the University of Miami School of Law in Estate Planning. Attorney Truesdell has drafted thousands of revocable and irrevocable trusts, basic to complex wills, living wills, health care and financial powers of attorney for thousands of individuals and couples throughout Florida. The Truesdell Living Will and the Truesdell Uniform Medical Status Information Release (UMSIR) are two examples of the compassionate professionalism that distinguishes Kellean from others.

Clients consistently refer family, friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to Kellean Truesdell because of her compassion, empathy, efficiency, and common sense approach. Because estate planning and elder law is complex and always changing due to federal and state laws, rules, and regulations the Law Firm maintains regular contact with clients through in-person and online workshops, seminars, as well as podcasts and traditional newsletters. 

Over 20,000 individuals have attended an in-person seminar or workshop where Attorney Kellean Kai Truesdell has spoken as the host or guest speaker. 

Document preparation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Simple Wills

  • Complex Wills

  • Pour-Over Wills

  • Living Wills

  • Revocable Trusts

  • Health Care Advance Directives

  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney

  • Pre-Need Guardian Affidavits

  • Irrevocable Trusts

  • Medicaid Income Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Generation-Skipping Dynasty Trusts

  • Life Insurance Trusts

  • Credit Shelter Trusts

  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs)

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

  • Private Foundations

  • Qualified Domestic Trusts

  • Intentionally Defective Tax Advantaged Trusts

  • Delaware Qualified Dispositions in Trust Act Trusts

  • Family Limited Partnerships

The average age of The Firm’s clients is seventy-five (75) with ninety percent (90%) of all clients over sixty-five (65). Because many clients are elderly and disabled, the Truesdell Professional Building was designed with easy access without steps or impediments.


An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. You do not need to walk the path alone, we’ve been there many times before.
— Kellean Kai Truesdell, J.D., LL.M.

Areas of Practice

  • Estate Planning
  • Elder Law
  • Probate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Personal Trustee Services
  • Asset Protection & Preservation Planning
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Federal Transfer Tax Planning
  • Medicaid Qualification Planning
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Life Care Planning
  • Business Planning & Consulting

Consultation Calendar

The services of the Law Firm are very popular and and appreciated by existing clients. Generally speaking, non-emergency consultations are booked two to three weeks in advance.

TrueStar Advisors, Inc

TrueStar Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor providing professional fiduciary based investment coaching, consulting, analysis, administration, management and education with logic, organization and technology to Investment Stewards (*) as well as selection and monitoring of the Investment MORES (**).

  • Registered Investment Advisor
    • Core Investment Portfolio Specialist
  • Procedure Based (Flat Fee) Billing
    • Core Universal Accounts
      • $50.00 per Month Regardless of Account Size
      • $50,000 Account Minimum 
    • Core Galaxy Accounts
      • $15.00 per Month Regardless of Account Size
      • $2,500 Account Minimum
  • Technology & Communications Suitability Requirements
    • Computer, Scanner, Printer, Speakers, Camera & Microphone
    • Ability to Open and Create PDFs
    • Ability to Listen to Audios and Watch Videos Online.
    • Ability to Utilize Fuze Video Conferencing

TrueStar Advisors believes it is the first Registered Investment Advisor to provide core investment portfolio management through Investment MORES on a highly cost efficient and non-discriminatory basis.  With TrueStar Advisors you do not pay more because you have more and you do not receive less if you have less; it’s just that simple. TrueStar procures Institutional Investment MORES for clients for a flat monthly fee, regardless of the size of the account. As a true professional fiduciary based investment advisor, utilizes non-discriminatory billing, just like medical doctors, dentists, attorneys, and accountants.

(**) Investment Stewards are those with legal authority to make decisions for the Investment Owner. The Steward and Owner are often one-in-the-same.

(*) Investment MORES (Pronounced: “mohr-ays”) - is a proprietary acronym created and defined by TrueStar Advisors to describe what is inadequately and commonly referred to as "overlay managers”. Investment MORES are those organizations tasked with the Monitoring, Management, Overlap Oversight, Reporting, Rebalancing, Economic analysis, Selection and deselection of Securities, consistent with the investment policy statement.

For more information, visit TrueStarAdvisors.Com or call 212-433-2525.

Why Pay More Because You Have More?
Why Receive Less Because You Have Less?
It’s Just That Simple
— Paul Grant Truesdell, J.D., AIF


You will not pay more because you have more and you will not receive less because you have less. It's just that simple. 

Golden Rule

We treat our clients as we wish to be treated.

A New Box

We did not just think outside the box, we created a whole new box.  

High Commissions Stink

We believe high commission stink; however, an overwhelming number of investors suffer from fee blindness.  

Time is Precious

We created a true fiduciary based process for core investment portfolio management.  Because of our efficiency and effectiveness, our clients have more time to truly live life. 


Our performance reporting system is available on-demand. 

No-Load (Commission Free) Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities

Our core portfolio clients have access to our host of no-load insurance products. 

On-Demand Financial Planning Software

We empower all clients with our online software and video based guidance. Use our coaching, consulting and analysis only if you need it.  

Award Winning

We believe our selection of award winning institutional money managers is second to none. 


Our clients have access to the TrueStar Informational Podcasts. TIPs are timely, dynamic and efficient.  We don't write newsletters promoting financial products or buy newsletter services because we can't be bothered. Simply put, we do it right. 

No Free Lunch

We do not buy business with costly free breakfast, lunch or dinner seminars. Because we are a true fee only based fiduciary advisor, we feel it is ethically wrong to wind-dome-and-schmooze for business. 

Mountains & Molehills

Investment Advisors working directly with Investment Stewards often make a much bigger deal about what they actually do.  Visit TSANow.Com for the rest of the story. 

Truesdell Consulting, Inc.

First, we are a venture capitalist to startup firms and small businesses with common sense potential  Second, we are a business  business development, redevelopment and turnaround consulting services to existing small and medium size for-profit business entities. Third, we provide mass communications media services through software design and deployment.

The process involves coaching, consulting, analysis, management and education through logic, organization and technology of processes and procedures.  We work with owners and c-level executives seeking pragmatic, efficient, effective, holistic and enduring bottom-line profitability.  If you find yourself busy running around creating, engaging or tolerating soap opera drama in your personal or business life, we are not suitable for you or your organization. If you seek a professional, unemotional, blunt and direct assessment, we may be compatible.

From startup, expansion or business closure, our non-accountant candid assessment will focus on your biggest problems with concrete suggestions. We will not arrive as, or become friends. We read, question, listen and look at you, your people and business operation. We will not write a complex business plan or promise you a transformational magic formula or secret trick.  Our assessment will be verbal and outlined on a single sheet of paper.

We adhere to the principle of Occam’s Razor. 

All inquiries, clients and work product remain confidential; no exceptions. We will not ask for referrals or additional business.

We are old-school, as we do not fix problems; that's your responsibility. Instead, we identify roadblocks and suggest profitable paths of least resistance. You then need do what you think is necessary without wasting any more time. 

Development & Redevelopment

  1. Initial On-Site Discovery: Two Days
  2. Secondary On-Site Inspection: One Day
  3. Clarification & Review Video Teleconference: Two Hours
  4. Assessment Presentation Video Teleconference: One Hour
  5. Consulting Fee: $75,000.00 (Continental United States – One Location)
  6. Flight Travel Fee: $5,000.00 Per Trip

Venture Capital

  1. Confidential
  2. Equity Based
  3. Voting Stock

Our Ten Words That Guide Truly Great Companies:

Profits with efficiency and effectiveness while following the golden rule.
— Paul Grant Truesdell



Conference Code:


  • Call 813-308-9980 one to ten minutes before the start of the conference call.
  • No reservation, obligation or registration required.
  • Conference call access limited to the first 100 callers.
  • All conference attendees are muted throughout the call.
  • See the disclaimer below.

Ebola Economics

The economic impact in Africa, the U.S. and various industries.  

October 9, 2014
9:20 pm Call In Line Opens
9:30 pm Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

The Danger of Star Managers

Bill Gross, Peter Lynch and Bernie Madoff - The danger of following stars over fundamentals.  

October 10, 2014
  9:20 pm Call In Line Opens
10:00 pm Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

Digital Assets

Planning choices for your digital assets in your Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and Letter of Instruction.  

October 10, 2014
3:20 pm Call In Line Opens
3:30 pm Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

Nine Box Asset Allocation

What you have and its tax classification in a simple and efficient format.  

October 13, 2014

 9:50 pm Call In Line Opens
10:00 pm Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

Alibaba, Yahoo and Amazon

Connecting dots and thinking outside the box. The world is always changing; are you watching?  

October 14, 2014
11:50 pm Call In Line Opens
12:00 noon Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

Discriminatory versus Non-Discriminatory Compensation

Commissions versus Fees and why Assets Under Management are NOT true fees. 

October 16, 2014
 9:50 pm Call In Line Opens
10:00 noon Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)

Chip & Pin and Apple Pay

Say hello to chip and pin and the newest player in digital currency transactions, Apple Pay.

October 20, 2014
 9:50 pm Call In Line Opens
10:00 noon Conference Call Begins
TBA Conference Call Ends (Est. 30 Minutes)


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